Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hibernating in January

We are having a very cold and snowy January so I've been hibernating---staying home, reading books, knitting, watching TV. Sometimes I meet my friend Dee to take a walk; several times we've had to cancel due to the frigid temperatures. Yesterday morning the temp was 1 degree F, painful to the skin to be outside, so of course we didn't try to walk. For me daily exercise is necessary to feel good, so when it's this cold, Tony and I go to the community college to exercise indoors.
This morning we woke to a few inches of new snow. At this moment I can hear Tony operating the snowblower in the driveway. We will have to see what the day brings because we're hoping to go to Steve and Marta's house this afternoon. (I am anxious to see Gabriel!) Between our house and theirs---a distance of about 120 miles----a section of highway very often has blizzard conditions on days like this. Lake affect snow, the cold winds off Lake Michigan, produces snow and dumps it on Western Michigan. We will carefully monitor the weather channel to decide if we should go.
Next Friday we will take a break from Michigan's weather and go to the beach in Cancun! I love Michigan's winter in spite of the cold but it is very nice to have just a few days in a warm place. We have a favorite hotel that we like to go to with beautiful beaches, wonderful restaurants, and something different to give us a short respite from the winter. And before we know it, spring will be here!

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