Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here I am in front of my computer screen, with a picture taken by my new webcam attached to the top of the monitor. Recently thanks to Kelly I've begun to use Skype to keep in touch with family members. Today on Skype I read a book to Scarlett (who is in Chicago); I could show her the pictures in the book and she could listen to me reading it. This evening I saw baby Mathew (in New Jersey) as he was trying to go to sleep in his crib.

How greatly the world has changed in my lifetime. We got our first home telephone when I was five years old. The phone number had just 4 digits and I still remember it! There was a "party line" which we shared with some of the neighbors. One day when I was seven years old we received our first television set. Programs were in black and white and the reception was not very clear.

Now we all have cell phones, computers, and ipods. I can see and talk to my grandchildren living in other parts of the country in a video conference. How wonderful this is! And it causes me to wonder what the future holds and what new marvels are out there.

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