Monday, October 08, 2007

Our Weekend
We've been having a heat wave with temperatures that I don't recall seeing at this time of the year. A little time at Lake Michigan sounded good so we drove to Manistee on Saturday. The beach there was beautiful and there were very few people. We enjoyed walking along the beach and out onto the long piers jutting out into the lake.

Manistee is a quiet little town with the beautiful addition of a wonderful lake front park. So many of the cities on Lake Michigan, such as St. Joseph where Steve, Marta, and Gabriel live, have beautiful lake front parks.

Please notice Tony standing on the pier on the left. The structure that is built there is to allow access to the lighthouse in the winter. The pier is ice covered and dangerous on a cold snowy day.

Ludington is a slightly busier town with more people on the beach on Sunday. It was such a perfect sunny day. Children were playing in the water. I took off my shoes to wade for a little while. The water was cool but comfortable. It was a pleasure to spend some time on the beach before winter comes. Our cool down will come on Wednesday if predictions are correct.

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