Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Visit with Matthew
We just spent a weekend at Tom and Kelly's lake house near Eldred, New York enjoying a quiet weekend and spending time with our new grandson, Matthew. Above you can see the lake view from the deck of the house. Even though it is just two hours from Manhattan, the lake house is so quiet you can barely hear the sounds of civilization. Cell phones don't work. A big box store is 45 minutes away. A car's engine can barely be heard. This is the perfect spot for Tom and Kelly to reinvigorate after spending weekdays in one of the world's busiest cities.
Little Matthew at 2.5 months, is just beginning to learn all about his life. He is a very good baby and we had a delightful visit. Now he is sleeping longer at night (maybe 7 hours!) so his parents are not quite as tired as they were at first. He can smile and communicates very well with his eyes. You can tell when he thinks you're entertaining and funny. When we make cooing sounds at him, he can respond with his own coo. He is very interested in everything around him and curious. One of the highlights of his day is his bath, which Tom usually gives him. He has wide open eyes when he listens to a story. I am very happy to be his grandmother.

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