Monday, September 04, 2006

Our Weekend
Thursday morning we headed out, driving to Cathy and Sasha's house in Crystal Lake, Illinois. arriving by late afternoon. We were greeted by our granddaughter, Scarlett, who is 16 months old and a busy girl, walking, talking, and playing. Now Scarlett remembers us and loves to see us too.
Friday and Saturday we spent our time with Scarlett, shopping, taking a walk in the neighborhood, walking in the park, and going out for lunch. Scarlett has had a little cold so she's had a runny nose, sometimes coughed, and was easily tired, but we enjoyed many things together. As a grandmother, one of the things I enjoy most is to sit in the rocking chair and rock my grandchild to sleep.
Sunday we all went to the Japanese market, Mitsuwa, for lunch and a little shopping. Mitsuwa has a wonderful grocery, bakery, and food court; I especially enjoy their ramen lunch. It is always a busy place and I began to look for Jackson friends, thinking someone might be visiting the market this holiday weekend. Sure enough, Yuka, Masa and their baby Fuka were there. Next we headed for the Brookfield Zoo, about an hour's drive from Cathy and Sasha's house. It is a wonderful place to go, and I recommend it especially for families with children. It was Scarlett's first visit to a zoo so she was very surprised at her first glimpse of a hippo. Scarlett held tightly to her mom and looked at the animals with amazement. A zoo is a place that you absolutely must enjoy with a child because you can share their wonder at the animals.
It was a wonderful weekend and not over yet because today we will stop at Steve and Marta's house to see Gabriel for the first time in about two months since he and his mother have been in Spain for the summer.

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